Saturday, December 28, 2013

A good day was had by all

This morning my oldest child and my youngest child went off on an epic adventure together which allowed me to have my middle child all to myself. While my 2 adventure seekers had their fun - my younger daughter and I had ours.  We started this morning with a sewing project which was quite enjoyable.  She loves to make things and it was nice to have the quiet time together.  We got a lot accomplished and had a blast doing it. Then we just had to get outside and enjoy some of the winter sunshine.  
We are totally dressed for the weather......
Right down to our matching pony tail holder sweatshirt hoodies
Of course it was easy to find doodle doggies to help us soak in the much needed Vitamin D Sunshine!
The best part of every walk......the big thank you at the end!
Next up was target shooting
Yes - we are that good!
And we ended the evening with our favorite doodle game
Glow in the Dark Fetch! We have an awesome glow-in-the-dark ball that the doodle doggies LOVE.  They would play all night long if we let them.  It is too much fun to watch the ball "magically" romp up the hill and I highly recommend the toy for every doodle lover.  You can't help but laugh.  Just as the doodle doggies were starting our Glow in the Dark Fetch game, my two adventurers returned home to join in the fun. Yay!
Just another awesome day at Yesteryear Acres!

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