Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Agenda For The Day

My agenda for the day was quite full.
Strip all beds
Wash all Sheets
Vacuum second floor
Clean bathrooms
Finish Wrapping
Put away Christmas boxes and wrapping paper
Take puppies in and out and in and out and clean up puppy poop all day long as per usual
Make lovely Dinner
It was a well thought out and well planned agenda.  Then the snow happened.  At 10:00am this morning Mr. Yesteryear Acres asked if I wanted to go sledding with him.  What?  It is a work day!  I don't have time for that!  He didn't have time for that!  We both didn't have time for that!  But there he was, putting on his snow pants and he had all my snow attire ready to go.  What was I to do?  Of course I went out and played in the snow!  I got in just in time for my daughter to want to go out and play.  Once she came in - my son got home for school and then he wanted me to go out with him.  I told him I had too much work to do and nothing was getting done.  He threw me my gloves and said, "SO!?!" And so I went out.  Again.  While we were out playing with the doodle doggies in the snow, my mom came by to bring us some Christmas cookies.  Okay.
So New Agenda for the day:
Strip all beds.....Check
Have sheets in big pile in laundry room waiting to get washed so that no one has ANY sheets on their bed for tonight......Check
Do NOT vacuum second floor ......Check
Do NOT clean the bathrooms...Check and Check
Leave gifts unwrapped for tomorrow.....Check
Have Christmas boxes and supplies readily available.....Check
Take puppies in and out and in and out and clean puppy poop up all day long - OF COURSE check!!!!
Have mom deliver Christmas cookies and say, "We are having COOKIES for dinner!"......CHECK!
Man - perfectly planned Agenda.  Expertly executed!

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