Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Whose fault is it REALLY?

So last night of course I had to scurry around trying to get everything done that should have been done earlier that day.  Evidently my family has some objection to having their sheets in a gigantic pile of "I need to wash these."  What?  Are sheets really necessary when crawling into bed for the night? I mean doesn't a completely stripped bed bring thoughts of comfort and joy?! Apparently the answer is no.  So I started the long process of washing all the sheets so that I could stay up all night making the beds....when the washing machine broke. Yep.  Error code F02.  Ummmm hello?  Washing machine - did you not see the pile of dirty sheets!???  I need to make the beds!  People need to go to sleep! After some internet research, Mr. Yesteryear Acres began to tackle error code F02.  It appears as though it is a draining issue which requires removing the front plate of the washer, emptying the drain tube and perhaps seeing if some foreign object might be obstructing the draining process.  Well let's just say, the answer was yes.  Something was obstructing the draining process.  What was the obstruction you ask? Well I knew it wasn't good when I heard Mr. Yesteryear Acres yelling my name.  It wasn't the OH MY GOSH I LOVE YOU SO MUCH kind of yelling either.  It was definitely the CAN YOU BELIEVE WHAT IS IN THE WASHER kind of yelling.  It seems as though there was a plethora of yellow foam ear plugs in the drain tube.  Every night I wear a pair of yellow foam ear plugs because Mr. Yesteryear Acres snores SO LOUDLY.  It is my only hope of ever getting any sleep.  In the morning I put the ear plugs in my pajama pocket so they will be all ready for me.  Evidently there are times when I wash my pajamas that I may or may not remember to remove the ear plugs and throw them away.  I suppose that there are times when the ear plugs may end up in the washing machine. All this time I thought that I was REALLY good at remembering to throw the ear plugs away when in fact, the washing machine had been eating them. So that's where they went!!!!  After Mr. Yesteryear Acres cleaned the filter system and replaced the washing machine parts he gave me a look that said, "this was your fault."  I said, "Who me?!!!" I mean Mr. Yesteryear Acres - YOU are the one that snores! I wouldn't even need the ear plugs if you were a quiet sleeper!  So honestly - whose fault is it really?  Time to go make the beds!!!!!!!!!!!!

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