Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Falcon Doodle

I am not sure why Yesteryear Acres is seemingly the epicenter for Birds of Prey but today's visitor was an escaped falcon.  Mr. Yesteryear Acres first saw the falcon swoop down in the backyard with what appeared to be small prey in its talons.  As the falcon flew right over Mr. Yesteryear Acres head, he realized that the falcon still had the leather straps attached to one talon.  Looks like someone is missing their pet falcon doodle.  Well we found it!  It has been here swooping and soaring and hunting all day long.  My son followed it to the back of the property and almost got close enough to catch it.  He thought he would take a fantastic picture with his "pet" falcon but Mr. Yesteryear Acres assured him that an arm with missing flesh pieces would not make for a good photograph.  Guess tomorrow we will have to be on double high alert around here.  Our resident Bald Eagle now has a best buddy falcon to hang with.  Don't worry - we are being extra vigilant and the little puppies never go outside without us watching over them.  Dear Birds of Prey ----how about you get the field wayyyyyyyy in the back and we will take the yard up by the house. Deal?  We have enough Eagle Doodles and Osprey Doodles and now Falcon Doodles to have our own aviary!  No more visitors please.

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