Friday, April 4, 2014

Not an Exact Science

One of the harder things about raising puppies is when my doodle doggies do not follow the calendar and have puppies when they are scheduled to have puppies. Sometimes even though 2 doggies have had what appears to be a successful breeding, 2 months later - no puppies arrive.  What is even harder than that is when I have families upset or angry with me when my doggies do not follow the schedule.  Believe me - I am sad too.  I do not want to share bad news.  I do not want to make people unhappy.  That is the last thing I want to do. I would love for my doggies to always be on schedule, to always be predictable, to always have just the right amount of puppies and to have the color, size and gender that everyone has been hoping for. Raising puppies however isn't an exact science.  Things happen.  Doggies throw calendars out the window. Doggies can totally disregard your wish list and do whatever they please. One time I had a mommy doggie deliver 13 big beautiful puppies and every single puppy was a BOY!  I had people mad at me for that one.  I tried to let families know that I, in fact, could not control the gender of the puppies being born.  I did not possess that magical power but still there were a few people angry with me as if I did it on purpose.  I mean if I had that magical power - I would have definitely used it!!!!!  A nice even split would have been perfect!  Alas - as hard as I may try - I have NO magical powers.  I cannot turn boys into girls.  I cannot make puppies appear. And sadly - I do not have any available medium size goldendoodle puppies. Mother Nature just wasn't on our side and our next medium size goldendoodle litter will not arrive until late June. On a happier note, we do have standard goldendoodle puppies due Easter weekend.  And for all those who asked how many girls our Sweet Pea will have on Easter weekend....the answer is.....I don't know.  I can promise you that when the puppies arrive - I will have the answer!

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