Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Say Cheese!

So if you read my blog last week, not only did I not have any internet service, but the weather wasn't exactly what I would describe as lovely.  Or warm.  Or pleasant.  Or sunny. It was pretty darn wet and cold and windy!  My son and I had every single outing cancelled by the weather conditions. That left us with a LOT of free time.  In fact we had so much free time that my son agreed to go out for a fancy dinner with me all dressed up AND agreed to have our pictures taken!  I know. I know.  Miracle.  To get a 17 year old to agree to do pictures with his mom........pretty much the Mother/Son mementos of a lifetime.  I am not saying that I am secretly really happy about the cancellations but.......
What started out as a ridiculous - "HEY! Let's get our picture with that weird dolphin!!!!!" 
Then turned into
"Yes, Mom - you can take my picture"
(And he smiled for it!!!!)
which led to
"I like hanging with this guy!!!"
which ultimately led to the
"I love my mom" picture
And my favorite picture of all - an honest to goodness real life Mother/Son picture to keep forever!!!!!
which of course was immediately followed by
"I don't know her"
Which is all good because I also got this picture
Awwww My little tiny boy 
(I am 5'8" wearing 4 inch heels) 
This is our photographer.  My son talked her into taking all these pictures of us.
She was SO sweet to do this!
And for all us moms out there - 
we all know that this outing (and my pictures that I will have forever and ever)
 is the very best outing of all.

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