Thursday, April 24, 2014

So it wasn't me

At 9:15am this morning....our internet went out.  I know you have to be thinking, "Oh no! Not this AGAIN!" and believe me, I thought that and more!  I have been wrestling with our computers and gadgets and routers and wi-fi for over a week straight. At first I thought my computer was dying.  Then the router.  Then the wi-fi. Then the tablet.  Back to my computer.  The other day nothing worked and I spent the entire day reconfiguring EVERYTHING.  When the internet went out this morning, I just sat there and shook my head.  Great!  Here goes yet ANOTHER blog about how I spent all day trying to fix my internet.  I called my internet provider (again) and what do you know? My computer isn't actually dying. It is fine.  My router was not broken. It is fine. My tablet is fine.  The wireless set up. Fine. I found out that there is actually something wrong with the lines coming into our house.  Evidently whoever set the system up 15 years ago did it incorrectly. The entire internet and phone service to our house crashed for good this morning so they sent out a real technician to come and overhaul our system.  All the cables and wires needed replaced.
This is one of those, "Yup...this is all wrong right here" moments

They actually had to call in back up support.  We are talking a major project. So now we will actually have a working phone line.  We will have a brand new modem (that works). We will have consistent and reliable internet service. All I have to do is wait and then re-configure everything ONE LAST TIME and then this time will be the last time you get the joy of reading about my internet woes....  At least that is what they are promising me!

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