Saturday, April 19, 2014

So My life is worth the price of one Frisbee?

Tonight we had just about 15 minutes until dinner was ready so we headed outside for a quick game of frisbee.  We have the coolest frisbee that can really soar forever.  Seriously.  It is the best frisbee ever and we always crack up whenever we play frisbee together.  Well tonight started out as always...
A nice friendly game where we all were spread out pretty far. 
I am all the way on the other side of the creek.

My son threw the frisbee from WAYYYY back by the furthest tree and then

It soared across the yard, over the creek, up the hill and yes....into the top of the tree. At that point we all said, "game over" but noooo not my son.  He started duct taping various implements together in order to save the frisbee.

My son's friend watched my son's antics, laughing the entire time.

At this point my son concocted about a 30 foot reach

Still short

So Mr. Yesteryear Acres brought out the ladder.  At this point my son said, 
"So my life is worth the price of one Frisbee huh?"
To which we all said, "YES!"

Mission Accomplished!

We saved the frisbee just in time to get our nightly sunset walk in

The doggies were glad we didn't miss it

Always a beautiful sight

The end to another fun day

Heading home with our happy thought -
we saved a frisbee today!

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