Thursday, April 3, 2014

Gallons and Gallons

Mr. Yesteryear Acres and I have been raising puppies for a really long time. We purchased our first pair of Labrador Retrievers in 1994 and raised Labrador Retriever puppies for several years before making the switch to doodle babies. Whenever I look back through our family photos, I am always amazed by just how little my children were when we started.
My children have definitely been surrounded by doggie and puppy love their entire lives. We have been blessed with more puppy kisses and hugs than I can even count.  We have also been blessed with rapid fire reflexes for cleaning up dog messes. Yes, even here at Yesteryear Acres - our doggies have accidents! Our puppies too.  I have cleaned up so many puppy messes that in order to keep track I would probably have to make tally marks by the gallons.  No wait - that would only add up to 4 quarts at a time. That is WAY too small of a measurement. Perhaps I should measure my puppy waste clean up chart by the barrel.  That is a mere 31.5 gallons.  I am thinking that is still too small.  Let's measure by hogshead.  1 hogshead equals 63 gallons so at least we are in the right neighborhood.  I believe I reached yet another tally on the hogshead chart this morning.  My sweet darling precious Grits decided that even though she hasn't had an accident for months, today would be an awesome day to pee on my living room rug.  Thanks for the tally mark Grits.  I was just shy of that next hogshead mark by 1 quart.  You were so thoughtful to start a new column. 

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