Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Ladybug Picnic

There is an old Sesame Street tune that goes, "1, 2, 3...4, 5, 6...7, 8, 9...10, 11, 12 Ladybugs came to the Ladybug picnic."  My girls used to sing it all the time. It is a rather catchy cute tune.  Well NO more!  That song is now permanently etched into my brain because what did I do all day long? Vacuum ladybugs!!!!  It seems that while I was away, the ladybugs decided that Yesteryear Acres would be a most awesome place to live.  They came by the hundreds. They invaded our home.  Mr. Yesteryear Acres was far too busy taking care of the doodle doggies and puppies to worry about the ladybug invasion and so the word spread quickly.  "Ladybugs welcome!"  Oh my gosh. It was seriously like a horror movie.  Our windows were moving.  The walls were moving.  If you went into our bathroom, ladybugs would descend upon you in mass numbers.  You couldn't even grab a towel without shaking out the ladybugs. Today my plan of attack was to get rid of them.  And so I started vacuuming.  And vacuuming.  And more vacuuming.  I literally vacuumed for hours.  I was on a ladder.  I was on the edge of the sink.  I was balanced precariously in window sills.  My crevice tool has never been used for such a long duration.  I believe my right arm is at least 6 inches longer than my left from all the stretching I did to reach the ceiling areas.  Every time I turned around ....more ladybugs!  We even suffered a casualty today when one ladybug dive-bombed my head while another flew down my shirt.  My "OH MY GOSH GET THEM OFF OF ME" ladybug dance resulted in a bear figurine falling from the shelf and breaking his poor foot.  Poor little bear!  These ladybugs are treacherous!  This evening I emptied my second canister FULL of ladybugs.  I am down to a dwindling number of a dozen or so remaining ladybugs.  Of course, I cannot rest until I have captured every single one.  Man - do I know how to have a good time or what? Here I go again, "1,2 3....4, 5, 6........."

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