Thursday, April 17, 2014

How To End a Day

Most days here at Yesteryear Acres are pretty busy.  We don't get to sit down very often and we are on the go from sunrise to midnight.  Seriously.  We are that busy.  Puppy poop gets cleaned up constantly, puppies go outside every 90 minutes, and then back inside, and then back outside again.  Mommy dogs go outside regularly and then back in. Puppy areas get cleaned and new blankets and bedding get replaced all the time. Other doggies go outside and then back in again too.  Walks happen.  Training happens.  Regular doggie care happens all the time and then there are the horses and the garden and the property and the homemade dinners - well all that needs taken care of as well.  We live a busy life at Yesteryear Acres but it is without a doubt, a very happy life.  Sometimes at the end of a hectic day, I need a breath of fresh air.  Just a nice solitary "ahhhhh".  I love to soak in the beauty of nature and let it just wash over me in a peaceful and rejuvenating happiness.  One deep breath of appreciation for the beauty that surrounds me is enough to fill my soul with a deep feeling of serenity and gratitude that just cannot be replicated. Last night I ran to go catch the setting sun.
I was glad I had my cell phone camera!

I got there just in time to watch the sun slowly sink into the horizon
The view from our pond was breathtakingly beautiful
I was glad I had a friend to keep me company
We sat and watched until the sun disappeared

Leaving behind ribbons of colors to light our way home
I can't think of a better way to end the day.

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