Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Like my Office?

One of the really awesome things about raising puppies is that on nice days - your office includes the great big beautiful outdoors. This afternoon the sun was shining and you could just feel the beauty of springtime in the air.  Mr. Yesteryear Acres and I decided to do a little leash training with some of our doodle doggies.  Our doggies get lots of time off-leash.  We have a beautiful pond and lots of acreage and we go romping through the fields and woods with several doggies at once and we rarely use leashes.  The doggies have so much fun running and jumping and playing. It is always a fun time. Every now and then however we have to practice leash manners so that the doggies don't forget how to behave nicely when walking on a leash.  The doggies always remember quickly but even so it is good to have leash walking as part of our normal routine.  That way they will be good doggies no matter who takes them on a walk.
Ohhhhh how I love the way the wind feels blowing through my hair

We have the nicest view from our "office"

Does this count as leash walking?

I vote for taking a sun bath!

See?  I can do the perfect sit!

When you say leash you really mean you want to rub my belly?
We did a lot of loops around the pond today

Dock Doggie.  Nice reward for excellent leash walking.

Good Boy!

Thanks for joining us at our "office"!!!!

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