Wednesday, April 16, 2014


Oh my gosh!  My entire day is gone and I have literally been stuck looking at wires and spending time calling one tech support person followed by another tech support person and so on and so on. Our wireless router has slowly been dying.  It continually drops our wi-fi signal and I spend more time running upstairs to reboot the router than I actually spend online. We have needed to replace it for a while and today was the day.  We also decided to run a hard wire Ethernet line to my computer instead of connecting via wi-fi in the hopes that I could be more productive in a shorter amount of time.  Lately, whenever I click anything on my computer, I have to wait for a count of 15-25 before anything happens.  I have patience for MANY things but the little computer wheel of "waiting" is not one of them.  I hate that wheel!  This morning Mr. Yesteryear Acres was busy running a long Ethernet cable from the upstairs through the walls and down through the baseboards.  You can imagine the joy.  Then we had to install the new router which normally is a quick 15 minute job tops. I have done it many times and I rarely have issues.  The brand new router would not connect.  So I called the router company.  The router company said it was my internet provider's fault.  So I called my internet provider.  My internet provider said it was definitely the router company's fault.  ACK!  Back and forth and back and forth!  Do you know how much muzak I heard today on hold????  I am actually surprised that I have hair left!  I unconnected and re-connected the cables a zillion times today.  Rebooted.  New passwords.  New encryption codes.  The works.  Nada! Finally I called my internet provider AGAIN and what do you know?  I had a knowledgeable guy who said, "Your modem is stuck in activation mode and no one on our end clicked "accept".  ARGH!!!!!!!!!!!!  He clicked one button on his end and voila!  Everything worked.  Just like that. Instead of being furious at the 4 hours I had already wasted, I was just grateful to have it all fixed!  I told him he was a superhero and thanked him profusely.  I now have REALLY REALLY REALLY FAST internet!!!!  I opened my blog page in a nanosecond!  Every single time I type a appears!  Right as I type!!!!  YAY!  So even though I lost a whole day.....I will think about all the days that lie ahead with nice fast and consistent internet. I will also think no more WAN LAN DNS or any other encryption "fun" for what I hope will be a long long long time!!!!!  Whew!

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  1. As soon as I began reading this, I thought, "I'll bet it's the modem." We have a Mac and got the pricey Air Port router. It's amazingly powerful, and it has a built-in hard drive that automatically backs up all your data. Glad your techno nightmare is over.


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