Sunday, April 13, 2014

We are Back!

A few years ago my son rescued a brood of ducklings.  The mommy duck was accidentally killed and the ducklings were just hatching when my son found them.
He brought them inside and cared for them and the ducklings followed my son everywhere he went.  They were like little puppies.  I guess you could call them doodle ducklings!

When they were bigger, my son released the ducklings at our pond

And watched as they swam away

It was a really hard day for him but he knew that his ducklings would be happier living in the wild

My son would visit his ducklings every day and then eventually one by one the ducks flew away. 
Imagine his surprise when the next year, and every year since that release day, we have had a pair of ducks return to Yesteryear Acres.  They always come all the way up to the house when they land as if to say "We are BACK!" I think it is their way of thanking my son for taking care of them. 
This morning, right on schedule, his ducks returned.  They hung out in the backyard for a little while and then

flew off to our pond.  Welcome back Doodle Ducks!  We missed you!

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