Thursday, April 10, 2014

Just Chilling

This morning I left early to go run errands and I actually got caught up on grocery shopping, banking and other must do things on my list.  I have been needing to get my erranding done for days and days and days and was so happy to finally cross those things off my list.  I think the people at the bank really missed me.  I felt like Norm from Cheers when I walked in. I didn't know I was so missed!  When I got home I would like to say that Grits also really really really missed me and ran to the door with glee but........this is how I found her:
Does this look like the face of a doggie that really missed me?  I think not!  Both Grits and the cat looked at me as if to say, "Excuse me - we are relaxing right now." I didn't know my presence would be so intrusive.  They were so comfortable that I was able to go to my desk, get out my camera, go back to the Yesteryear Acres bed, kneel down and then take the picture without either of them moving.  That must be one comfy bed!
I decided that I would leave these two to enjoy their afternoon.  I almost hung a sign that read, "Just Chilling" so that they wouldn't be disturbed the rest of the day.  Looks like I will be putting the groceries away all by myself. Man - it's tough to be a Yesteryear Acres doggie.  Hey - Maybe I should join them!

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