Monday, April 14, 2014

Couldn't ask for a better day

When I watched the news late last night I found out that yesterday was officially the warmest day we have had in 6 months. It has been six long months of cold weather and long sleeved shirts and coats and parkas and rain gear and mud boots.  I know it is all coming back again, but for yesterday - bliss!  I actually wore a short sleeved shirt!  I had to dig in the back of my closet to find one.  I haven't worn a tee shirt in ages!!!  It was soooo nice.  The puppies agreed too!
It was so nice that Olive's puppies got to venture out for just a little bit

They played outside for about 10 minutes before heading back inside but they seemed to enjoy the warm sunshine and they were all intrigued by the way the grass tickled their feet.

After Olive's puppies went back inside, it was time for Birdie's puppies to have a super long play session

They had a blast!
Don't forget your keys!!!

As they began to tucker out....nap time had to be right at Mr. Yesteryear Acres feet.

I mean he provides the best shade

This is Mr. Yesteryear Acres telling me that ALLLLLL the puppies love him the most!

That Mr. Yesteryear Acres - he cracks us up!

Ahhhhh. Perfect weather!  Perfect Day!
Happy Monday!

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