Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Night Owl Buddies

Yesterday was one of those days where every electronic gadget hated me.  There was a serious vendetta going on because all my gadgets and computers and tablets - hated me and nothing was working properly.  I had to erase and restore my devices and then do it again and then nothing would download and nothing would upload.  Even my website wasn't working. I was really frustrated.  I stayed up until 2:45am working on my computer trying to get everything back. I would have said it was the worst night ever but between checking on Sweet Pea's new baby puppies which are so adorable and then texting with my night owl buddy, I made it through.  My younger daughter was getting the last of her studying in for a big exam today.  She was up late and we kept texting each other every now and then to make sure we were still awake.  We made the most of our long night together and I don't know how she did it, but even with everything not working and my lack of sleep, she made me laugh.  She made me laugh a lot and we had fun being night owls together.  This morning I was up and working at my computer by 6:45am to finish my website update.  Thankfully everything is back and working properly. My daughter was up early this morning too.  Guess we are night owl buddies AND the early bird catches the worm buddies.  I think we have it all covered!

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