Thursday, November 12, 2015

November 12- Thankful the kitchen is still flame free

I have a hiccup in my brain that does not allow me to quickly process my left from my right. I realize that in my ripe old age of 50, I should be able to discern which direction is left and which direction is right, but this skill eludes me.  I should also be able to correctly point "left" while saying the word "left" but if you have ever driven with me, you know to ignore the verbal cues and just go with the direction my hand is pointing. The theory behind my inability to tell my left from my right is that I was actually born left-handed but my 2nd grade teacher forced me to become right-handed.  I think in re-wiring my dominant hand - she undid my natural ability to quickly determine left from right.  This is a constant struggle.  If someone asks me to raise my right hand, I have to think for a good 45-60 seconds before I know which hand to raise.  If I am asked about a dog's paw, left or right, I have no idea what to say.  My worst offense is probably my inability to tell which burner I am turning on when I use the stove. Tonight was another classic move by me, where I was "cooking" soup that never got hot. When dinner was supposed to be ready, I went to the stove and there was a pot of very cold soup and one VERY hot empty burner.  When I mentioned that dinner would be slightly late tonight, Mr. Yesteryear Acres just laughed.  I am thankful he loves the hiccup in my brain and accepts the fact that I will continue to choose the wrong burner. I am thankful that he knows to always look in the direction I am pointing and has given up all hope that I will actually know the correct word for the direction I am facing.  I am thankful that despite many, many, many people giving me tricks for remembering my right from my left (including the fact your left hand makes the letter "L") they realize by the time I figure out which direction I mean, much time will have passed.  Most of all, I am thankful that my kitchen is still flame free and I have not set it on fire.....yet. Cold soup anyone?

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