Thursday, November 19, 2015

November 19 Gratefulness - Back Up

I know I turned 50 this year but I didn't realize I was that OLD until today. Sure, I am finally old enough to get my Shingles Vaccine.  I am old enough to warrant a colonoscopy.  I am old enough to warrant an entire slew of medical tests that I never knew I needed.  I am old enough to receive brand new mail from places like AARP and Retirement Investors.  I am even old enough that keeping a pair of reading glasses in each and every room of my house is now mandatory. All of these "Coming of Age" items, I have accepted.  Today however, I believe I crossed into a new realm.  The realm of "how did I end up face down on my carpet without catching myself before I fell?"  Oh yes.  That was me.  I was minding my own business, casually walking from the kitchen to the living room when I fell over my own dog.  Well actually I fell over my son's dog, Olive.  Olive is a chocolate labradoodle who blends in quite nicely with our dining room carpet.  She blends in so well that I DIDN'T EVEN SEE THE DOG! I completely tripped on the dog and then went sailing through the air and then landed face down on my carpet.  It isn't even a good story!  I feel like it needs to be read in an old lady voice........."There I was walking and I just fell over my dog." Well, on the good news side - I got back up!!!!!  Besides the obvious bruise to my ego and a few sore spots, I am fine.  I have weathered my first fall rather well and can be thankful that I got that over with.  I am back on my feet and ready for whatever adventures tomorrow might bring.  I just hope my old sciatica doesn't act up!

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