Wednesday, November 18, 2015

November 18 Gratefulness....Hot Chocolate WITH Marshmallows!

With the cold winds blowing and the chilly rain coming down, there is just one thing that can be done to combat this inclement weather......Hot Chocolate Time!
I haven't had a mug of hot chocolate since last winter. I love to savor my hot chocolate while holding the steaming mug in my cold hands.  There is nothing better when I am super cold and I need something warm and toasty.  I can't just drink regular hot chocolate either.  I need hot chocolate with a ton of mini marshmallows. Anyone that has seen my huge mug of hot chocolate knows it is actually one-half hot chocolate and one-half mini marshmallows!  That is the only way to enjoy it! My favorite flavor is French Vanilla Hot Chocolate followed closely by Hazelnut Hot Chocolate.  Mr. Yesteryear Acres and I make it almost a nightly ritual in the winter to share a big mug of cocoa whenever we finish up with the outside farm chores.  The tradition starts back up tonight!  Hot Chocolate WITH marshmallows?  Yes please!  And THANK YOU!

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