Saturday, November 7, 2015

November 7 - Arts and Crafts Thankfulness

Recently, I was reminded how much I love arts and crafts projects. I love making things and drawing things and creating things.  I haven't made time for that particular interest in a very long time.  When my children were younger, we did so many arts and crafts.  We made homemade play-dough and built cake houses and construction paper dolls and made jewelry and all kinds of things. It always made for the best afternoons.  As the children got older, all the arts and crafts supplies got put away and spending an afternoon just doing fun art projects became a thing of the past. Last month when my older daughter was ill, we got out our colored pencils and markers and just colored. It took our mind off of our worries for a while and we enjoyed every minute. What is good for the childhood soul, is also good for the adult soul.
Today my mom came over for a visit - I brought out the crayons!
We just sat and talked

and colored away

and when we were done.
The little child part of our soul smiled with grateful happiness.

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