Thursday, November 5, 2015

November 5th Gratefulness......Please Don't Fall

This morning I was informed that Mr. Yesteryear Acres and I were going to patch the barn roof.  What?!  Are you serious?! Oh my gosh! How much fun can one girl have?!?!?  Patching a roof!!  As in way up high on a ladder, where falling to one's death seems like a distinct possibility every second. Gosh, I could hardly wait.  I was even more excited than usual because I had not one, but TWO friends fall off of ladders recently and they were really hurt.  One of my friends BROKE HIS BACK!  So you can imagine my enthusiasm when I was selected to be the roofing assistant today. I was not at all thinking....."WHY IS MY SON AWAY AT COLLEGE RIGHT NOW?"
This was my view for most of the day. 
I was in charge of going up the ladder, handing Mr. Yesteryear Acres tools, going down the ladder, getting out of the way, and then going back up again.
You are probably thinking that I am grateful that Mr. Yesteryear Acres didn't fall.  Or you are probably thinking I am grateful that we are done.
But what I am most grateful for is.....
Mr. Yesteryear Acres didn't fall on me!


  1. OHMYGOSH!!! Are you kidding me??!!! I am SO thankful Mr. Yesteryear Acres didn't fall, that you are done AND that Mr Yesteryear Acres didn't fall on you OR on the hard ground! Now I am going to have to take a big drink of............Arnold Palmer to settle my nerves! Hug your hubby and steer clear of those awful ladders. XXXOOO


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