Monday, November 16, 2015

November 16 Gratefulness - Little Puppy Breath

Sugar's Goldendoodle puppies will all be going to their new homes this weekend.  We just have one more week of playing and snuggling and loving and kissing Sugar's adorable babies.  They are the sweetest bunch and I know they will bring endless smiles and puppy kisses to their new families!
The puppies had a great time on Puppy Visit Day

They had so much fun getting ALL the attention!

The puppies are getting really good at playing fetch

Especially when they find their own sticks!

They are so cuddly!

One last attempt at a group photo

Alright Siblings.....SMILE!!!!!

Close enough!
Now this is a perfect group photo!!!!!!!!

Announcing the arrival of Marmalade and Barkley's 
New Double Doodle Puppies!!!!!!
We have 10 new beautiful babies to love 
I am thankful for such sweet little puppy breath

Welcome to Thankfulness Month!
Happy Monday!


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