Friday, November 6, 2015

November 6 Gratefulness - Love my Work

I am pretty sure that I have the best job in all the world.  I never have to fight rush hour traffic.  I never have to think about what to wear to the office.  I never have to listen to co-workers complain.  I never have to wonder when I can leave this job.  Instead, I get to work with my very best friend Mr. Yesteryear Acres, I get to work with my family, I get to stay home and have family dinners and be a part of my children's lives and I am surrounded by 100% unconditional tail wagging devotion. I doubt a day at work can get any better than this .....
We took Sugar and her puppies outside to play in the leaves 
She showed her puppies how to play hide and seek

"Found you!"

"Hey mom!  Let's play again!"

"This is so much fun!"

It was a great day to play outside

Sugar loves her tummy rubbed

The puppies do too!

 Mr. Yesteryear Acres loves his work and as always
We are grateful

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