Wednesday, November 4, 2015

November 4 Gratefulness.....CANDY!

This afternoon while I was eating my very last pink gumball from my 50th birthday party, I heard that today was National Candy Day.  What?!!!  A day just for candy?????!!!!  How could such a wonderful holiday escape me all these years?  I am a candy-a-holic.  I love candy.  I mean I LOVE candy. When I was younger, we never had candy.  I mean never.  The closest thing we ever got was a chewable Flintstones vitamin! If we ever were given a piece of candy - it was treasured. I learned to save candy at an early age.  I could make one small pillowcase of Halloween candy last years!  I was so afraid that I would never get another piece of candy again that I squirreled away my candy stash and saved it...and saved it and saved it.  Even today I will still save candy and hide candy and sneak pieces of candy. I guess old habits never fade away!
This was the candy I got on my birthday in 2014.  I actually didn't finish it until the day before my birthday this year.
My birthday party was filled with all things candy!

It should have been National Candy day!

I was in heaven

And ate my fill
And I have a new candy straw........
that just might make it until my birthday next year!
As always.......
Grateful for delicious sweet candy and
Have a Happy National Candy Day!

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