Friday, March 16, 2012

And the Vultures Circled

Ever since my cast came off my broken ankle, I have been diligently trying to get my ankle back into shape. At first perhaps I was too Gung-Ho with the let's pretend my ankle was never broken and go about my daily routine philosophy. It was quite obvious my ankle was NOT the same. I slowed down a bit and started a new walking routine where I walked very slowly with my ankle all laced up in my ankle brace. At the end of each walk - PAIN.  And my ankle was the size of a watermelon.  I was using my ankle brace religiously but nevertheless, the pain in my ankle was really quite uncomfortable so I stopped walking.  I have been working on rotational exercises and range of motion type exercises at home with really no improvement. What is with this ankle???  I have a pretty good pain tolerance so I can push through the pain but I wonder WHY does this ankle still hurt? It is so frustrating.  Today I thought - maybe I am not doing enough.  Maybe I need to leave the ankle brace at home, put on regular walking shoes, and just go at it.  Maybe my ankle needs MORE movement - not less. I started out on my walk my ankle hurts.  I got to the middle of my walk my ankle hurts.  Then I noticed the vultures.  At first I believed they were circling some poor dead carcass out in the field, but then I saw they were actually hovering over my head.  HEY!  Am I REALLY walking that slowly????  Do I REALLY look that close to death?  Evidently the answer is yes.  By the time I crawled back to my car, almost 30 minutes had elapsed and all I had to show for all my efforts was ONE MILE. Yes. That is it. ONE MILE.  Not even 1.15 miles or 1.23 miles. 1.0 miles exactly.  My son who ran over 3 miles in the same time span asked me how it was possible to only have walked one mile?  Well I did have to escape ravenous vultures!!! I am lucky I made it out alive!!!

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