Wednesday, March 28, 2012

What's my Picture?

To say I am a competitive person would be a slight understatement. I love to play games - and let's face it - I love to win.  Evidently I have passed this trait onto my children as they all love playing games and are equally competitive.  We are really good sports - and are never sore losers - but we do get an extra big kick out of winning!  We love card games, board games, word games - you name it.  I really love playing word games.  I try and play Scrabble every day with my sister - we play one word a day online and never get tired of it. My younger daughter found a drawing game online which is SO much fun.  It is just like pictionary except there is no time limit so you can take your time drawing the clue. I happen to be the WORST artist.  Honestly - even my stick people are awful! The funny thing is  - my younger daughter can guess my drawings just like that!  She is so quick to guess that my horrible oblong sad wimpy blob is actually the globe and the clue is "Earth".  She makes me so happy when she guesses my drawings.  Hers are really cute and now we have started to send each other messages with our pictures so every day I look forward to my picture of the day.  Game playing online - even for just 5 minutes each day - makes the distance between us just melt away.  I can't wait to see what my picture is today!

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  1. do you mind saying what the name of the online pctionary game was?


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