Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Gadget Addict

OOOOH the torture!!!!  Did you hear? Apple is introducing a new iPad today.  Brand New. So shiny.  So beautiful. I so want it!!!!  I mean I am NOT going out to get one but I can DREAM about the beauty!  A camera is INSIDE the iPad!  I could video chat with my daughter anywhere I go!  A movie camera is INSIDE the iPad!  I could take movies wherever I go! A sweet awesome magnetic cover goes with the new iPad that turns into a stand! It has a new processor and new 4G connectivity so I could be wicked fast with my updates, blogs and emails!  Ooooh. It is so sleek and shiny.  You can paint, color, watch movies, edit papers, play games, answer emails all with one beautiful compact gadget!  I believe I am drooling.  I am without a doubt - "a gadget addict".  Well maybe more precisely  - I am without a doubt - "a gadget addict who wishes she had the gadget but doesn't".  I am like the kid in the movie "A Christmas Story" who has his faced pressed against the glass admiring the Red Ryder BB gun in the window.  Look for me next week.  You might spot me in that same position outside an Apple Store.  Ooooh "I want an official Red Ryder, carbine action, two-hundred shot range model air rifle!" errrr I mean "New HD iPad!"

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  1. I pre-ordered mine so it'll be with my family when I land next Friday :) I wouldn't recommend the 4G version though. If you *really* want to access 4G speeds while on the go then pick up an iPhone or Android phone that has the capability of broadcasting a personal Wi-Fi hotspot from anywhere. Then you can even run an iPad or laptop off your 4G signal...and have multiple connections going for you and your family to access. ...oh, and I would stay far away from the "smart cover". It gives your device no protection. My favorite after trying a few different cases and a lot of research is the Marware CEO Hybrid. Slim fit but enough protection from bumps and scratches.


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