Saturday, March 17, 2012

Bath Day

Today was....BATH DAY!  Yea!!!!  Our mommy doggies, Lola and Autumn, both needed baths and today was the perfect day to make that happen. We had baths full of warm soapy water waiting for them and they loved all the attention.  You know how when you go to the beauty salon and the hairdresser washes your hair, and you just never want them to stop massaging your scalp with the soapy delightful shampoo?  You almost purr with how good it feels. I love having my hair washed.  I think it feels absolutely heavenly.  I don't get that treatment very often but just thinking about it makes me smile.  Well Autumn and Lola were both smiling big time today.  They got luxurious warm bubbly baths with a nice long massage and they almost purred with gratitude. Once they were rinsed and towel dried, they went outside and took a nice sunbath to dry the rest of the way.  The sun was so warm and both doggies just laid out in the warm sunshine soaking up all the goodness.  They both really enjoyed their break in the day and have been wagging their tails nonstop....or should I say....wagging their very clean and wonderful smelling tails nonstop. The puppies think they smell good too.  They eagerly greeted their mommies and are all lined up in a row, nursing away, tails straight in the air, happy and content as can be.  Sunshine and bubble baths make everyone smile!

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