Sunday, March 25, 2012

I Believe!

We are actually beginning to make progress on our long long long time project of restoring our bedroom. What was supposed to take a few months to do has now crept up to almost three solid years of agonizingly painfully sloooooow work. It is so frustrating because Mr. Yesteryear Acres works so hard. Every day he works from sun up to sun down. Every free minute he has is spent working.  The bedroom is a non-animate, non-emergency, non-priority entity.  It does not need watering. It does not need bathing. It does not need walks, or nails trimmed, or vet check-ups, or snuggles.  And so it sits.  Day after day after day.  Doggie's and puppies ALWAYS trump the bedroom restoration project. Well FINALLY the dark cloud on the project is lifting! Mr. Yesteryear Acres has finished putting up the crown molding! The plaster has all been repaired! The primer coat is going on!!  I believe! I believe it will get finished! I feel full of happy optimism!! Come on Mr. Yesteryear Acres! You Can Do It!

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