Tuesday, March 13, 2012

My Eyes! My Eyes!

I live in a world where watching a show in "real" time NEVER happens.  If I didn't have a DVR - I would never see a single episode of a single show....EVER.  We have so many interruptions and way too many things going on here to have the luxury of sitting down and watching an entire show, without being late, without pausing, or without missing anything.  Face it - if you have 10 cute puppies running around and one of the puppies has to go potty - you are RUNNING full speed out the door which will be shortly followed by running 9 more times out the door with all the other cute puppies who will instantly think, "I need to go too!" The pause button on my DVR is one of my favorite things in the entire world.  I never miss anything because with just one quick click of the pause button, my show is saved.  It is heavenly. It makes it so I never fret over missing a show.  I know it is safely recorded and waiting for me to watch it whenever I have time.  Sometimes I watch my show later that evening. I usually start watching TV around 11pm or so.  Sometimes it is later in the week or even a week or two later before I get to see my show.  Eventually though,  I get to my shows and I smile. And I am happy. And I watch them with joy. What can go wrong with this scenario? It is perfect right? AU CONTRAIRE! Let's say I am watching a RIDICULOUSLY STUPID show.  And I know it is ridiculous. And I know it has NO redeeming value whatsoever BUT I like it.  I like it and I want to watch it.  Let's say it is a ridiculously stupid reality show where someone gets voted off or someone chooses someone to marry or someone is eliminated from the race or has to pack their knives and go. Now let's say I didn't watch this show when it airs and then the next day I open my email and the header of an email says XXXX chooses XXXX and I see it even though I don't want to see it and then I run around the house screaming, "MY EYES! MY EYES!" because at that moment I KNOW what happens at the end of the show that I DID NOT SEE YET! ARGH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  Is it too much to ask to HIDE the obvious end of a show inside the email????  Something like - "don't read this if you don't want to know". Or "this email will tell you who won, got voted off, got engaged, or packed their knives" so please don't read it unless you would like to know that information before you ever got the chance to watch it on TV.  It should not say "XXXX chooses XXXXX" so that I see it immediately and despite all my best efforts - it is completely emblazoned on my brain for all eternity. I know have a 3 hour show on my DVR.....and I know the ending. WAH!

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