Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Why Hello Sunshine!

I hope that wherever you are today - you were able to enjoy some of the BEAUTIFUL weather we were blessed with today!  The sun was out, the breeze was warm and spring was most definitely in the air.  I took a few moments to really appreciate the loveliness of the day and am so glad I did.  The warm sun felt SO good and I sat out on my dock for about 30 minutes just soaking in the happiness.  The fish are just starting to come up to the surface after the long winter and they are even bigger than they were this past Autumn.  It looks like they doubled in size! Maybe I don't want to swim in our pond this summer!  They look like they could eat me!!!!!  Tonight we are going to have good ole yummy hamburgers out on the grill.  I have the homemade potato buns rising in the oven and a quart of our applesauce we made in September is defrosting on the kitchen counter. Sunshine, Blue Skies, Green Grass, Happy Doggies, Nursing Puppies and Hamburger Night......Sounds like a perfect spring day to me!!!  Smile!

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