Tuesday, March 6, 2012

The Sweet Sound of Happy Puppies

When little newborn puppies first arrive they all kind of stumble around looking for their mommy and aren't the best nursers.  Sometimes the new puppies fall off and we have to help them learn to latch on. The mommy dog also helps.  The baby puppies are just so little and new and the process of learning to nurse is hard work. The first few days of nursing are vital as the puppies receive important antibodies in the mommy's colostrum. After the first few days have passed, the mommy's milk finally comes in and all of the sudden you will hear the sweet sound of "gulp gulp gulp gulp" as the mommy's milk gushes in.  All the little puppy's tails will be straight up at attention and they will be latched on with their little front paws holding on.  You can hear them swallow the big gushes of milk and they all have little milk mustaches.  It is so cute and is the best sound.  You can hear the contentment as they fill their little tummies.  Today our house was filled with the sweet sound of happy puppies!

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  1. someday I hope to get to experience this...I have never been around brand new puppies and their mommies. it sounds so beautiful, what an incredible gift!


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