Thursday, March 8, 2012

Vinyl best friends

Don't worry - I won't make today's blog post TOO disgusting. I mean it WILL be gross but I will try to limit my creative and descriptive ways to a minimum so you won't lose your lunch. Or will you?  Let's put it this way.....birthing puppies is a wet and yucky and very messy process. We use baby swimming pools for our mommies that are in labor. Once in a while I have someone ask me why I use a swimming pool and the answer is holds fluids.  Lots and lots of fluids.  It is a great place for puppies to be born. After the puppies are all nice and dry and fluffy and cute and nursing and all snuggled in, the mommy doggie is still kind of drippy and gross....for days.....and days.  The drippy gross stuff is a dark green yucky color. I will spare you the further details but I am sure you can guess where it comes from. So imagine this scene (if you dare)......
I walk in the kitchen and say, "Why hello, Mommy Doggie!"

Mommy Doggie wags her tail. Tail has yucky green stuff.  Mommy Doggie wags her tail even more.  Now wall has yucky green stuff. Mommy Doggie is sooooooo happy.  She is a happy happy happy doggie.  Wag. Wag. Wag. Wag. Spin Art. Spin Art. Spin Art. I have yucky green stuff.  Door has yucky green stuff. Wall has yucky green stuff. Yucky Green stuff is EVERYWHERE.  Mommy Doggie just wags her tail some more.

Vinyl best friends.

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