Monday, March 19, 2012

So that's what you look like!

Our little puppies are 2 weeks old and their eyes have just opened up. They kind of hold up their wobbly heads and look around saying, "OH so that's what you look like!".  They really can't see all that well quite yet but their vision will improve with each passing day.  They still rely heavily on their scent detection to find mommy and each other.  Most of their day is spent nursing, then cuddling, then napping and then nursing some more.  They are all growing nicely and getting cuter each day!
Our 4 Double Doodle Girls

Our 3 Double Doodle Boys

Our Apricot Labradoodle Boys

Our Chocolate Labradoodle Girls

Our Chocolate Labradoodle Boys
Look for more Watch Me Grow pictures next week!

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