Friday, February 15, 2013

Am I Alexander?

Remember the book, "Alexander and the Terrible, Horrible, No Good, Very Bad day?" Alexander had a day where nothing went right.  Poor Alexander. It looks as if Yesteryear Acres is following Alexander's day.  The phone woke us up early this morning and my younger daughter has a horrible case of food poisoning.  She has been throwing up constantly and she even threw up all over the train station.  She is so sick, so sad, and also feels awful about throwing up all over the train station floor. She went to the pharmacy to get medication and that has brought no relief.  She has the chills and probably a fever and is flat out sick. She has to travel all day and the only support I can give her from so far away is to tell her to bring lots of trash bags so she can throw up in the bags.  Sigh.  Pick pocketed and food poisoning. Guess when I said she would have all kinds of experiences traveling through Europe - I really meant it. I feel so bad having her so miserable so far away from home. She is sick, scared, and sad which is something no mommy ever wants for their child. I wish I could make her feel better.
After we hung up the phone, I wondered why Mr. Yesteryear Acres wasn't moving.  He has really hurt his back.  He moved some firewood yesterday and he forgot to tighten his back brace before he picked up a very big log and he felt his back go.  Today, he can barely walk.  He is in a lot of pain.  I have everything he needs all set up and he will have to rest all day and probably all weekend as well.  I will have to find a good DVD or two to keep him still.  He isn't one to do nothing but I am fairly certain the pain will keep him from moving.  Looks like I am on double duty today. Farm chores, puppy chores, house chores, hurt husband chores.....make that quadruple duty.
After I got Mr. Yesteryear Acres all set I went downstairs to let out the dogs and oh no.  Olive accidentally laid on one of her puppies last night.  We lost a chocolate girl. Olive looked so sad. You can tell she feels awful. I feel awful.  Poor puppy. It is one of the hardest parts about raising doggies.  Sometimes sad heart-wrenching things happen.  I had to give Olive some extra love and tell her I know she didn't mean to. Sigh.  All of this and it is only 9:30am.  I think I am in for one long day.


  1. So sorry to read about all your heartaches, it just isn't fair for all that to happen, and in such a short time. Each one causes a sense of helplessness, your daughter so far away and so sick, she just wants her mom! Mr. YYA hurt back reminds you of how easily the workflow can be disrupted, dependent upon the human machine. And poor Olive, poor baby girl puppy, poor you.
    Here's to better, brighter days ahead.


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