Thursday, February 7, 2013

Clean. Not Clean. Clean

Of course I started today as I start each and every Thursday - armed with my rags and cleaning supplies and vacuum, ready to tackle the arduous task of keeping Yesteryear Acres neat and tidy.  No matter how well I do my job each Thursday - it is always a mess.  Keeping Yesteryear Acres clean is like shoveling the sidewalk during a blizzard. Clean. Not clean.  Clean. Not Clean. Our house gets vacuumed more than any other house - yet - it is always messy.  A house full of doodle doggies and puppies will do that!  It is easier to just accept the fact that although Yesteryear Acres rarely sparkles with sparkles with happiness.  Every Thursday night for one brief moment - I get to look around and ahhhhhhh everything is clean.  I usually have that awesome YAY IT IS SO CLEAN moment for about 5 minutes. Then Mr. Yesteryear Acres comes in with dirty boots or my son comes in and has a parade of doodle doggies following him.  Every Thursday it is always, "Ahhhh.....  So nice and clean!!!" Followed by, "Well that was nice while it lasted." At least I know I always have something to do! Today I was extra busy cleaning AND I have to say - I made the most awesome dinner which was a lovely way to end the day.  I made Roasted Butternut Squash with Sundried Tomatoes from the garden over Angel Hair Pasta and I topped it all with toasted Pumpkin Seeds.  Mmmmm!  It was sooooo good! I made the recipe up and it turned out perfectly so I decided to try to make a new bread recipe as well.  I made a loaf of Flax Seed & Pumpkin Seed Bread with Greek yogurt. It was so moist and flavorful and it had the delicious crunchy seeds of goodness which made it SO GOOD.  I am going to have to add both recipes to my collection.......that is right after I vacuum the kitchen.......again! Clean!  Not Clean! Clean!

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