Saturday, February 23, 2013

Labradoodle Conference Awesomeness

Today was Labradoodle Labradoodle Labradoodle all day long. It was a great conference full of invaluable information. We went over everything from newborn puppy care to picture taking to breeding practices. I have been to every single Labradoodle Breeder Conference and I always leave with so much gratitude. I always learn something and I always leave with great ideas on how to be an even better doodle owner. We had one session that taught us how to use a new software made specifically for dog breeders. It is a software package that keeps track of everything. You can manage your monthly sales tax reports, year-end tax statements, dog health records, puppy birthdates - everything. It was so informative and the software would really make me so much more organized. I kept shaking my head up and down during the whole session as I was so eager to get the software and improve my record keeping. At the end of the session there was a raffle to give away one software package and guess who won???!!!! ME!!! I was so excited I actually jumped up and down with my hands in the air shouting, "THAT'S ME!!!! YAY!" I cannot wait to get home to set up the new program. This will be so great. I am so glad I came to the conference and once again I will be leaving with brand new tools to make Yesteryear Acres even better.

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