Saturday, February 16, 2013

Excellent Music Choice

One of the nice things about me doing all the farm chores is that my doodle doggies and puppies and horsies got to hear MY music.  I am not saying that Mr. Yesteryear Acres has BAD music - I am just saying he has the exact same music EVERY single day.  He and my son are major Country Music fans and they always listen to country.  If you play a Country radio station, I guarantee that within 2 hours you will have had every song repeated at least 3 times.  It is the same 20 songs again and again and again.  POOR DOGGIES!  No variety!  I was there to save the day! I was there to play a little bit of everything. I could tell they really liked my musical selection.  They were particularly fond of my singing as well.  Doodle doggies make the best audience.  It didn't matter what song I was singing to them, you could see they really loved it.  Their tails were wagging and they were "singing" along with me.  I did an excellent job with the "waste management" and just got the last of the doodle droppings picked up when the snow really started to fall. Within the hour - everything was blanketed in a fresh white snow.  It was as if Yesteryear Acres was saying, "thank you for cleaning and taking care of the doodle doggies and doing all the farm chores while playing your most awesome music's your reward".  So pretty.  So grateful.  So peaceful. Best reward ever.

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