Monday, February 11, 2013

Happy Birthday to my Marine

Today is my older daughter's birthday. Even though we aren't together, I feel that this birthday is one of her best because she is right where she wants to be. She accomplished her goal of graduating from the Naval Academy.  She accomplished her goal of graduating from TBS. She accomplished her goal of becoming a 2nd Lieutenant in the Marine Corps. And now she is tacking her newest goal. She is at the Marine Corps Base in Quantico studying to become a Command and Control Systems Officer.  Yes she is right where she wants to be and as a bonus, on her birthday, she is not in the field, she is not humping with a 100lb pack, she is not experiencing hypothermia, she is not being gassed, she is at school.  Safe and Sound.  Every mommy's dream for a perfect birthday!
Warrior Day at TBS was a day we will never forget

We were amazed at all the things she had done

And all the things she will do

And through it all......she is still our little girl

 Happy Birthday our sweet 2nd Lt.  WE LOVE YOU!
And for everyone eagerly awaiting Monday cute puppy pictures
There are so many adorable pictures - they need a blog post just for them!
Tune in tomorrow for puppy "awwwwwws"!

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