Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Green White Green White Green

Oh look outside! It is so beautiful!  Everything is white.  Snow is everywhere. What a beautiful vision of Winter.
1 hour later...................
Oh look outside! It is so beautiful! Everything is green! Green Grass everywhere.  What a beautiful vision of Spring.
This has literally been our entire week here. We have had several days where every single branch on every single tree has been loaded with snow and our backyard has looked like a snowglobe.  We have had the most beautiful winter days this week.  We have also had nothing but green grass with the spring flowers starting to bloom. We have gone from NO snow to 1/2 foot of snow back to no snow almost every day.  Sometimes multiple times a day! I never know what to wear!  Yesterday my son and I took a 5 mile walk and I wore a sweatshirt.  Today I woke up to snow.  Then no snow. Then more snow. The doodle doggies just look at me like - this again?! We literally don't know what the weather will be from one hour to the next.  I am prepared however - I have my sandals AND my winter snow boots by the back door.  I am ready! Green! White! Green! White! ACK!

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