Sunday, February 24, 2013

That's Early!

I never realized how many people are adamant about an early arrival to the airport. Last night when I was talking with my doodle breeder friends about my flight home this morning, almost every single one was insisting that I arrive at the airport at least 2 hours before my flight. 2 hours? I told them I always arrive 1 hour before my flight and I never have any problems. They were all aghast with horror! ONE HOUR!?? Are you crazy?!! YOU HAVE TO ARRIVE AT LEAST TWO HOURS BEFORE!!! I thought I was doing well to arrive an hour early. When they heard that I had to check luggage, the look of horror on their faces was almost frightening. I said the hotel is only 12 miles from the airport - at most that is a 30 minute drive. My flight was scheduled to depart at 7:30am. I was going to have the taxi pick me up at 6:10am. I figured who leaves Orlando at 7:30am on a Sunday?! Most people will stay all day to squeeze in every minute of fun before they leave "the happiest place on earth". I was told by no less than 20 people that I would never catch my flight. I thought I was making a huge sacrifice when I said, "What about if I leave at 6:00am?" ACK! NO! YOU WILL NEVER MAKE IT! Man. These people were tough. I began to question my own policies. One breeder had a 7:00am flight and left the hotel this morning at 3:40am! To me - that is insanity! I found 2 other friends that also had 7:30am flights and we compromised and had the taxi pick us up at 5:30am. Oh. My. SO EARLY! We arrived at the airport by 5:45am and what do you know........I was at my gate by 6:10am. Dear Doodle Friends that made me leave so early........Thank you for giving me plenty of time to write my blog, eat breakfast, walk the airport, answer my emails, watch a movie, walk some more, and still have plenty of time to sit and wait and wait and wait. Oh boy! Only 20 more minutes until I board and 45 minutes until the flight leaves! Is it nap time yet?

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