Monday, February 25, 2013

Just ONE more please!!!!

My camera is breaking! ACK! Horrors! I need my camera! I take puppy pictures every Monday and having my most awesome camera is a must.  Today as we were taking the puppy pictures the shutter button wouldn't work. No matter how hard I pressed, the picture wouldn't take.  We had to take the battery out, put the battery back in, shoot a long distance picture, then shoot a close up and then repeat for EVERY SINGLE PUPPY PICTURE. It took over 2 hours to get the pictures done.  Needless to say, my camera is headed to the repair shop! I kept saying, "just ONE more picture PLEASE!" after every take.  Luckily we got individual pictures of all our sweet puppies and the pictures turned out even with all the camera woes.  So without further are this week's pictures!
The puppies were so surprised to see something called "The Sun!"

They wondered where all the ice went

The walkways were all dry and warm
It was perfect for napping

They loved the warm sunshine so much, they even cooperated for a group shot!

Olive's puppies are getting bigger
They start solid food this week and will really start to grow

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