Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Listen to the Whispers

Life is made up of just a handful of big special moments that are those "once in a lifetime" events. Graduations, births, weddings, death.....they are the big markers in one's life. A lot of people live for the big things.  I can't wait for "________"  or there are only 78 more days until "________".  The thing is - those big events are just a drop in the bucket of life.  If you add all of the major events up - they will be a mere blink of an eye.  Life is so much more than those major events.  Life is what happens in between.  The small whispers that happen every day.  I can tell you that I appreciate each and every whisper. When my son comes home from school and plops down on the chair to tell me about his day, I love that moment.  When Mr. Yesteryear Acres thinks to bring home cream for my coffee without me even asking, I love that moment. When my brother-in-law starts a video chat with me just to say "How are you doing?" or when Mr. Yesteryear Acres and my son sit with me just to keep me company while I watch a ridiculously bad TV show that I know they cannot stand, I know love is all around me.  When I see my horses run across the field, have a doodle doggie nudge me to give me a hug, have a picture of one of my children pop up on my computer screen, have a perfect snowflake land on my mitten - I think, "I am lucky. I am loved. Life is beautiful." If you listen to the whispers that happen every day, you are sure to find joy and beauty all around you.  Take a moment to listen. Your soul will thank you.


  1. Beautiful my friend... I was reading your bio and I noticed your daughter graduated from USNA with a degree in Chemisty..My son did too and I also have 3 great kids all 4 years apart and will be married for 40 years this October...

    I just LOVED this post and will share parts of it with my friends. Seeing this today was a beautiful whisper in my morning. Thanks for sharing :-)Janine Smith ~ Naval Academy Parent

  2. Thanks Janine. Your post was my whisper! :)


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