Thursday, February 21, 2013

Who Needs A Jacket?

The last thing Mr. Yesteryear Acres said to me as I walked out the door was that he loved me and he would really miss me. The second to last thing he said was that I might want a jacket. A jacket? Me? No way! I am going to the Global Pet Expo in FLORIDA. Where it is WARM. I definitely don't need a jacket. Fast forward to me waiting at the airport.....where they are doing construction....and there is a lovely wintry breeze whipping through the waiting area. Everyone is hovering with their teeth chattering. Why don't I have a jacket? The 2+ hour plane ride was no warmer. Everyone was complaining about how DARN COLD it was. My nose was running non-stop and my teeth were chattering. I was that cold. Why don't I have a jacket? WAH! I am so coooooooold! I would like to say that when I landed in Florida that my coldness was over, but alas, it was not. Since I had debated so long as to whether I would actually go to the Pet Expo, I didn't arrange transportation to get to my hotel. As I exited the airport and started walking towards the taxi stand, I saw the city bus. The banner said CONVENTION CENTER. Hey! I am going there! I asked the bus driver if he went by my hotel. He said, this bus will take you RIGHT there. What!?! Perfect! The fare? $2.00! What a BARGAIN! I am feeling so smart. I got on the bus. I paid my $2.00 and I was soon surrounded by Floridians in winter gear. The air conditioning on the bus was blasting ON ARCTIC. I am still sooooo cold! Why Oh Why didn't I bring a jacket??!! BUT I am feeling optimistic. I should be at the Convention Center any minute. The bus driver said that the bus would go RIGHT there. The Convention Center is only 12 miles from the airport. I check my watch. 30 minutes have elapsed. We have stopped every 200 feet. How many bus stops can there be? How many times can we stop? I am sure we will be there soon. Oh my am I cold. I check my watch again. Another 30 minutes. Ummm???! Hey?! Where is the bus driver going? OH obviously it is lunch break. The bus driver literally stopped the bus on the street and then walked to a taco restaurant to get food. OK. No one else seems bothered so it must be a common practice. Wow. It is really not that much fun sitting on a bus, surrounded by strangers, holding onto your luggage. Finally the bus driver came back and it was back to STOP. GO. STOP. GO. The ride just would not end. TWO HOURS LATER - the bus driver says, you should get off here. Your hotel is back about 1/2 mile down that street. Lovely. I get off the bus with all my luggage and walk to the hotel dragging my suitcases behind me. As soon as I give my name to the receptionist, she says that she cannot find my reservation. Evidently this is the OTHER hotel with the same name. The one I want is another mile down the road. They offered to call a taxi and said it would take 30 minutes before one would be available. So of course I said, no - and I picked up my luggage and hit the road and walked to the other hotel. $2.00 bus ride. Might have not been the best move of the day BUT after walking 1.5 miles with my least I am no longer cold!

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