Sunday, February 10, 2013

4 More Days

Oh Mr. Yesteryear Acres has been very tricky lately. He keeps hinting about a fantastic Valentine's Day.  Every night he asks me if I want my Valentine's present early.  Of course I say no - but secretly I am wondering if he really IS going to get me a Valentine's present.  It isn't something we normally do.  We kind of treat every day as Valentine's day - so we don't go overboard with cards or presents.  We usually just make a really nice dinner - which is just like every other night.  See?  Just another day.  A great day - but not a present kind of overwhelming OH MY GOSH IT IS VALENTINE'S DAY kind of day.  This week Mr. Yesteryear Acres made a HUGE heart in the snow on our hill.  It takes up almost the entire hillside.  Despite our declining weather - my heart is still there.  Mr. Yesteryear Acres says, "Oh your VALENTINE'S HEART is still there!" and "If it melts, guess I will have to get you something for Valentine's Day".  This is very unlike him.  Tonight he had a catalog on our kitchen counter opened to a jewelry page and drew hearts all over the page.  He wrote "Valentine's Hint?"  Right next to the catalog was a box of brownie mix. I got the Valentine's hint and OF COURSE I made the brownies!  Okay Mr. Yesteryear Acres.....I did my part!  4 more days of torture.....4 more days.......

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