Friday, February 22, 2013

Global Pet Expo

I am so excited because I had the best day at the Global Pet Expo. I found some terrific new toys and fun things for my doodle doggies. The Global Pet Expo was HUGE. It took forever to get through the entire Expo. It was the length of 11 football fields and every square inch was packed with pet goodies. I started in one corner and methodically went up and down every single aisle. My step counter read over 20,000 steps before the day was over! That was a lot of walking! I talked to so many pet lovers and the whole day was great. I got asked to be in a commercial for a doggie toothpaste so of course I said yes. They are going to let me know when the commercial runs so that is exciting. I even got invited by Cesar Milan to go up on stage with him. That was awesome. I have pictures of me with his doggies and a picture of me with Cesar. Later in the afternoon I met up with some of my labradoodle breeder friends and we walked the floor together. All in all - one perfect day!

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