Saturday, February 9, 2013

Smiled with Glee

This afternoon my son asked me if I wanted him to go with me on a walk. Of course I said, "YES!"  I have to say things like that, totally make me happy. It was out of the blue, totally unexpected and very much appreciated.  He wanted to bring a couple of doodle doggies with us and drive to the arboretum near us for a nice lengthy walk.  I bundled up with ear muffs and gloves and a scarf and he went with a light jacket. He is always laughing about how cold I get and I always marvel at how he is never cold.  We both dressed appropriately - I was a little too cold and he was a little too warm so between us - we were just right.  The doggies were SO excited.  They jumped in the back of the car with HUGE smiles on their faces.  OH BOY OH BOY!  WE ARE GOING TO A RIDE! The second we got to the arboretum, they bounded out of the car with happiness. Their tails wagged with glee for our whole walk.  I smiled with glee for our whole walk. My son and I talked about everything. We laughed and had fun with the doggies and really enjoyed each other's company. To me - there is no more perfect way to spend the day. I am so lucky - thanks dear son of mine!

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