Friday, August 2, 2013

Medical Report Part 1

Today I had my doctor's appointment to go over the first half of my blood work. Last year the report wasn't all that great.  I had many areas that needed improvement. My health definitely was in need of attention. Since that day, I have devoted a portion of each day to take care of myself.  I just got the biggest hug from my doctor.  He was SO proud of me.  He said he has not seen changes like this in one year's time with blood work unless the person has been on prescription drugs and medical intervention.  Not only did I go from "bad" or "high" or "unhealthy" I moved past normal and good and have most of my levels in the "optimal" range! Every set of numbers were spot on for optimal health.  I was so proud.  My doctor was so proud.  He said, "You see what you did?  You took time to honor yourself and in turn your body responded with health and joy."  I told him that on some days it was so hard to do that and that I had to take time away from helping Mr. Yesteryear Acres or the business to get my workouts in.  He said he imagined that my husband saw a huge increase in my productivity and probably appreciated the fact that I was taking care of myself.  He was exactly right.  Mr. Yesteryear Acres says that to me all the time!  The best part of my appointment........When my doctor told me I could stop worrying about having another heart attack.  He said that my body was in such a healthy state, it could absorb stress without shutting down. He said I am strong and my body is strong and I can rest easy and live a happy life with a VERY healthy heart. Best. Day. Ever.


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