Sunday, July 6, 2014

3 miles...No wait 4 miles...No....5 miles...

My daughter decided that we needed to do an extra special "patriotic" walk in order to truly appreciate the holiday. We picked a place we have never been and headed out for our "3" mile adventure.

Grits wearing the appropriate Red White and Blue attire

Ready for the adventure

This is going to be GREAT!

Notice how optimistically happy we are in this pose.  This is before we knew what was in store for us

Now the fun begins.  The path was VERY muddy.  At one point, I almost lost my shoe as the quicksand mud tried to suck the shoe right off my foot.  By the end of the walk, our shoes weighed 5lbs each 
Despite this, my daughter kept saying, "Come on! Let's keep going!" 
We made it to an open field.  Grits was glad to get out of the mud! 
Right now my fitbit said, "4 miles traveled" and we were NO where near the start of our walk.  See the thumbs up my daughter is giving me?  Yes,  "COME ON MOM!  Let's keep going!" I asked her if she brought any food.  She said no.  She then proceeded to tell me the black raspberries along the path were sandwiches.  Every now and then she would stop and pick a raspberry for me and say, "See? A SANDWICH FOR YOU!"

This is now a scene that we saw multiple times.  At this point we had to admit we were lost.  As in really lost.  As in - maybe they will find us out here one day. 
We decided that at least our last view of earth was a pretty one.

We decided to take one last picture of us together.  It was our "this is the last picture we will ever ever ever ever take of the two of us together and when they find our bodies, they will at least see we were smiling before we perished."


We're alive!!!  We made it!!!
When we got home we downloaded our "3" mile walk.....
Yes, that is 7.48 miles.  Yes the heavy red lines are where we retraced our routes multiple times. Yes, we did go between mile marker 4 and mile marker 5 several several times.  Yes, I have learned my lesson and will look at a map BEFORE we begin our next adventure.......and bring sandwiches.  REAL sandwiches!!!!

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